The Black Angel


os dejo un poema que me ha inspirado al realizar esta colaboración con Bernart de Manila. Black Angel representa la alegría por la llegada de la primavera, la melancolía por aquellos días de invierno y la crisis existencias que te provocan el cambio de estaciones.

Tomamos las fotos en un precioso parque de Barcelona en un palacete. Los jardines eran hermosos. Espero más adelante pueda volver y hacer más fotos para que los podáis disfrutar también.

¡Tened un muy buen inicio de semana!


Where are the people as beautiful as poems,
As calm as mirrors,
With their oceanic longings —
The idler whom reflection loved,
The woman with the iridescent brow?
For I would bring them flowers.

I think of that friend too much moved by music
Who turned to games
And made a game of boredom,
Of that one too much moved by faces
Who turned his face to the wall, and of that marvelous liar
Who turned at last to truth.

They are the past of what was always future.
They speak in tongues,
Silently, about nothing.
They are like old streetcars buried at sea,
In the wrong element, with no place to go . . . .
I will not meet her eye,

Although I shall, but here’s a butterfly,
And a white flower,
An the moon rising on my nail.
This is the presence of things present,
Where flying woefully is like closing sweetly,
And there is nothing else.

© Henri Coulette. All rights reserved


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4 thoughts on “The Black Angel

  1. Me encantó el poema y me encantó la photoshoot. Gracias por colaborar conmigo, en todos los sentidos. Amazing

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